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journalist Rohit Turankar Attacked by Alcohal Smuggler


CHANDRAPUR: Crime is on the rise in the city and those selling illicit liquor are now getting protection due to the police’s installment policy. A similar incident took place in Indira Nagar between 9.00 pm last night when Pintu and Pradip Wadhai from Indira Nagar attacked and injured Rohit Turankar, editor of Maharashtra Metro News Portal and a police warrior.

Rohit Turankar’s mother was also injured in the attack and if people had not rushed to the spot on time, the accused would have taken his life.

Rohit Turankar is a police warrior who informs the police about illegal trade. In one such case, the accused was on the trail of collaborating to seize such liquor. The deadly attack took place last night.
One of the accused was caught within hours of the attack, while the other was reportedly absconding. It is being demanded that the two involved in this illegal liquor business should be deported by filing various criminal cases. The incident is being investigated by Inspector Hake, who will soon be arrested and a PCR will be conducted, police sources said.


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